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Our ethics revolve around two basic tenets who pertain to any company in the service industry – fulfilling the commitment to clients and providing the best working environment for our team members at different locations.

Our team members will endeavour to conduct the company's business with integrity in compliance with applicable laws to satisfy our clients requirements without personal inhibitions/prejudices and in the larger objective of establishing our ethical credentials and corporate leadership in the barter industry.

We would not hesitate to tread a tougher but ethical path but which is innovative and riskier that others already tread upon. We are always open to ideas as ideas and ideals drives us.

The revenue model revolves around a nominal percentage as handling fees calculated on value of transaction, payable by the buyer in a given transaction.

We believe in systematic progressive growth and hence work with manageable number of clients. This ensures that each and every client of Tradex is a satisfied client. The impeccable record of Tradex in such a short period stands testimony to this fact.

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