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What is unique About Tradex?

Tradex has come into being from experience and innovation, from the others in the barter industry. Most personnel, in sales as well as support, have had hands-on experience in barter business.

We do not view a business transaction as only a commercial one, we build stronger bonds with our client members with each transaction, primarily due to the transparency and fairness in the interaction.

As we say, we bring value to trade. We also take on a consultancy role wherever necessary, so as to enable the client members to achieve maximum benefit with their limited resources. This gives each member the best ‘value for resource solution.

We believe in keeping our commitments as these are the only aspect we can call our own. Hence we promise very little and deliver more than we promise.

Good client support, clear communication, transparent dealings and fair trade are trade marks of Tradex business. The barter buck stops here!

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