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world most effective alternate marketing tool, corporate barters.

Barter is perhaps the words oldest system of trade. We all have heard and studied in school about how people used to Barter for sustenance before the advent of money, the currency.

Tradex, the barter Brand of Synapse Trade Solutions, Chennai is one of the pioneering companies in India to re-establish the age old system of Barters, albeit with a difference. Tradex advocates the age old Barter system to be used by corporate establishments for mutual win-win deals.

As is the wont with many other industries, Tradex too witnessed mushrooming of Barter companies after Tradex started growing and the industry started accepting the Barter system. The competition however did not deter Tradex and it went about its business in a methodical fashion becoming a pan – India enterprise.

Tradex realizes that companies have options in choosing a barter company partner. There are quite a few reasons why Tradex has become the barter company of choice for blue chip brands and small companies across the country, but one word sums it up all: Trust.

Tradex has built its impeccable reputation on solid financials, ethical and vigilant trading practices and creating barter system that’s designed to help its members thrive. Tradex’s vast and growing network of active members sets Tradex apart in an important way: Bartering is not a hit or miss proposition. You will find what you need when You need it—and you’ll find endless opportunities to market your own goods and services to new customers and untapped markets. 

With over 7 years of barter experience, Tradex managers and principals have not only created one of  world’s finest barter systems, but also cultivated the knowledge to understand and respect clients purchasing guidelines, means of distribution and windows of opportunity.

A true focus on service, rock solid financial stability and a reputation for integrity and Transparency in all its dealings, have made Tradex the #1 barter company for the best names in business. Tradex members comprise all facets of industry, Print & Television Media, FMCG, Hospitality, Real-estate, your neighborhood eatery, etc.   Smart businesses are growing more productive, efficient and successful with the power of barter. And businesses in the know go with Tradex.

With Tradex, barter becomes a smart part of your business strategy. You can improve your Cash-flow, profit picture and sales efficiency all through corporate barter. As your trading partner, Tradex makes sure that you receive quality personal service to get you exactly what you need.

How It Works

The process of buying and selling through barter is an easy one. As a Tradex member, you simply agree to trade goods and services by offering your products or services instead of cash. You may buy any product or service within the Tradex network; you don’t have to trade directly with a company that you would like to purchase from or sell to. 

Tradex proudly adheres to a Code of Ethics and stringent fair practice guidelines that ensure each transaction is a fair exchange for both parties. By acting as your trade exchange, Tradex brings you the right customers, ensures that each transaction is conducted seamlessly and that both debits and credits to your barter account are recorded accurately at all times. 

How Buying Works 

Buying products and services on Barter is exciting!

Think about all the things you write a check for or pay with cash in your personal or business life. These are all opportunities for barter using Tradex system. The greatest thing about Barter is that each time you buy some requirements on Barter, you are pre-selling your product or service to that value. It is like getting advance payment for your sales booked.


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