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Frequently asked questions

1. Define Barter
Barter, at it’s most basic and enduring level, is the exchange of goods and services between parties without the use of cash. Bartering is the most potent tool for companies to save / optimize cash and efficiently liquidate excess stocks & capacities.

2. Distinguish between traditional barter and corporate barter.
Corporate barter exchanges facilitate companies to engage in multi party barter trades without any one to one limitations, as in traditional barter. Through an organized trade exchange facility, companies may sell to any company in the exchange network and against the value sold, buy from any company without any one-to-one restriction.

3. Please outline the benefits of Barter.
Companies barter primarily to:
Save & Optimize cash – since it enables them to purchase essential business needs by exchanging what they have, thereby not affecting their cash flows.

Liquidate excess stocks – barter enables companies to efficiently liquidate excess stocks / capacities, which otherwise is blocked inventory or unutilized capacity for them. Companies may trade their stocks to get in return products & services they would otherwise be spending cash on.

Open whole new & undiscovered markets – barter supplements a company’s existing cash business and opens new market segments, since companies would rather choose barter suppliers of products / services they require, than pay in cash. These new customers eventually also become potential cash clients for these corporate.

4. The list of product and services which a member can trade.
Tradex provide a broad range of products and services like – Airlines, Consumer Durable, Corporate Gifts, Electronic Media, Exhibitions, Hardware, Hotels, Interiors & furniture, Office automation, Out door Media, Print media, Printing & publishing, Resorts, Trade promotions.
Click here for a list of trade categories.

5. What is the criteria for pricing the products.
Members have the discretion of deciding the pricing in compliance with the following parameters.
Maximum Price:-
According to the Indian laws you cannot sell your product at a price higher than the printed MRP. In case of services, the card rates should be equal to the card rates that you offer in the cash markets.
Minimum Price:-
You may choose to offer a discount on your product, at your own discretion.

6. What is the percentage of Transaction fees imposed by Tradex.
Tradex charges 10% of the buying amount as its fee. This amount has to be paid in cash by the buyer clients.

7. Profit being the key for all corporates. What is the Net Margin earned on the Barter Transactions.
Click Here for Economics of Trade.

8. Please outline the process of being a member of Tradex family.
To be a member of the fastest growing barter family please follow the following steps –
1. Fill the Business Initiation Form.
2. List the products that you require on barter.
3. List the products that your company can offer on barter.
4. Touch base with Tradex Team for your queries.
Telephone - 41125793 / 4
5. Sign Up either online or offline to initiate Trading.
Click here to Get Started.

9. Can a client receive trade business immediately upon becoming a member.
Unlike the cash economy, the barter marketplace is a product of supply and demand within the group of participating companies. The more your specialty satisfies individual company needs, the greater will be the traffic flow.

10. How to touchbase with Tradex.
Contact us at Tradex to learn more about our company, its operations and the benefits of barter. We have an entire team to assist you and will do our best to respond within 24 hours.
Click Here for contact details.
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